Thursday, June 13, 2013


I set a loom in the street
looming above
a puddle of rain.

"We are the thread,"
                            says she
"To weave is to speak."

A thread in the air
a cloud in the mud.

Cecilia Vicuna, 1995

from Inside the Visible, an elliptical traverse of 20th century art. ed. by M. Catherine de Zegher

My makers mark is a the warp and weft of fabric.
This poem was the inspiration for choosing this symbol instead of my initials to stamp on to jewellery that I made.
I was also influenced by the writings of Trinh T. Minh-ha.
Early cultures communicated visually through textiles, jewellery and tattooing, all aids to storytelling and making sense of the world. So jewellery is a kind of storytelling for me, and storytelling fuels my interest in this medium.

My makers mark on my business cards.

Below, beautiful rugs from different cultures.

All rugs from Loom