Saturday, July 13, 2013


Collar, Egypt 332 - 222 B.C.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

...Moving from the outermost to the innermost bands,the six strands of the necklace comprise: 1) turquoisedrop beads alternating with lapis triangles; 2) hanging lapis and turquoise lotuses with goldstepms that alternate with gold buds, interstices filled with carnelian; 3) turquoise rosettes with gold centers separated by bands of lapis; 4) hanging lapis and turquoise papyrus flowers with gold stems alternating with round gold shapes (mandrakes?), spaces filled with carnelian; 5) turquoise triangles alternating with turquoise and lapis petal-shaped forms, the pattern suggesting hanging floral forms; 6) hanging turquoise lilies separated by long gold leaves.Block borders of lapis and turquoise with gold finish the top, and hinged to them are lotus flower terminals with lapis and turquoise inlays.

from The Metropolitan Museum of Art