Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Northcity4 seminar: Exchanges

This coming Thursday Northcity4 is holding our third seminar: Exchanges

The initial thoughts for this seminar came to me last year when I was at the launch of the second album by The Key of Sea.
I was struck by the power of music to unite people regardless of language. The exchange which happened between these different cultures celebrated the uniqueness and beauty of each.
The arts all share this amazing ability to communicate across different cultures and people.
At a planning meeting for Northcity4's 2013 program, I raised this idea and we all decided to explore it in this seminar.

About this event (from Northcity4's blog):

Cultural exchange is at the heart of nurturing and celebrating diversity. Within our communities this openness provides the opportunity for partnerships to develop and creative expression to flourish.
This seminar will explore local examples of how various forms of creative exchange have been used to celebrate and support difference, whilst at the same time offering an opportunity for individuals to feel safe, inspired and supported.
When:  Thursday 31 October 6-8pm 2013
Romani Benjamin and Hugh Crosthwaite – Founders of The Key of Sea, Romani and Hugh will talk about their  initiative that aims to create a lasting celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity through music.
Maryann Talia Pau – is a maker and aspiring ‘Matuauu’, Samoan matai/chief language for Super Weaver. Maryann will share how she explores the language of weaving to celebrate her Samoan ancestry, while at the same time using it to inform her identity as an Australian.
Courtney Green - Social and Community Development Coordinator Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Courtney will discuss how Australia’s leading asylum seeker organization is using community engagement and mentorship to assist some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.
Each speaker will discuss their individual projects. This will be followed by an opportunity for wider discussion with the group.
Cost: $20

Romani Benjamin has written about The Key of Sea and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in a previous post on Northcity4's blog. You can read it here

I hope that you will be able to make the evening.
Tickets can be brought online here