Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Bhanu rings

This group of new rings is named after a dear friend, Bhanu, who encouraged me to make these rings.
More than ten years ago I gave Bhanu two rings like this and she has worn them together since. They look really good in a stack.
They are quite thick and heavy, and irregular, so they look different on each rotation around the finger. I have one that I wear on my middle left finger.
So this is why they are called 'My Bhanu' rings. I had my first exhibition with Bhanu many years ago at the Meat Market craft centre, which has now since closed, and I also had my first studio with Bhanu. Bhanu has been an important influence on my creativity and I am continually inspired by her.
Each ring in this series is a 'one off', this feels really important to me, even though they are simple in design there is intention in each piece, and I do not want to reproduce them. So they look similar, yet are each individual.
I have decided to edition them, so have engraved the number inside.

These three rings are at e.g.etal