Monday, April 14, 2014

'Conversations with worn objects' Blog Series - Nick

Here is my second interview in this series.
Nick is the husband of Kasia who was featured previously.
I made these two rings 15 years ago.
They are File Mark wedders, both made in 18ct yellow gold. They have engraving on the inside of each ring.


Conversations with Worn Objects’ Blog series- II

1. Why did you choose this particular piece of jewellery?
My wedding ring is the first and only piece of jewellery I have ever really owned or worn.

2. Tell me about the experience of wearing this piece?
I don't have anything to compare it to - so it's hard to explain. For a time it felt odd and I worried about it falling off. Then I found myself rotating it as a slight habit - especially when I feel a bit nervous - which is strange because I had read about people doing exactly the same thing but never seen anyone actually do it.  More recently I noticed that it has actually started to leave an indentation on my finger - so it really feels like it is part of me now. I can see what it's absence would be like although I can't imagine it. 

I touch it sometimes and tap it to feel its solidness. I also run my finger along the edge and feel the smoothness and it's curves - I really like that it is clearly handmade and not machined. It's also very nice to see it in water - especially in the surf. It seems to gleam very beautifully. 

3. What story does the jewellery piece tell, what is its significance to you?
It's my wedding ring so it's a reminder of my wedding 15 years ago but of course we've been together for for much longer than that - so really the story that the ring reminds me of is something much longer and more important than the wedding itself.

4. What about my practice drew you to commission your piece?
You were the only person I could trust to make something as important as this.