Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Conversations with Worn Objects' Blog Series - Wendy

This is the third interview in my series, Conversations with Worn Objects.

This series is about jewellery pieces I have made. It gives me the opportunity to revisit and reflect on pieces I have made once they leave the studio from the perspective of the wearer. 

I have known Wendy for many years and felt privileged to make this ring for her. Set underneath the top of the ring are twenty small white diamonds.

1. Why did you choose this particular piece of jewellery?
This was a ring to symbolize my marriage to my partner of 25 years so we wanted the ring to be special as well as being something that I would want to wear all the time.

2. Tell me about the experience of wearing this piece?
I have not taken the ring off since it was made for me last year! It is now very much a part of me and it is a pleasure to wear. I thought it would be very noticeable so was surprised that not many people commented on it when I first wore it.  So it is always a delight when people do comment on it as it says something about these people for me. The ring has fitted my idea of lasting jewellery in that it has that subtlety to fit into my lifestyle, being very beautiful but not so noticeable that I will tire of wearing it.  I do wear other jewellery including silver jewellery as I don’t feel it necessary to only wear gold because the ring is gold.

3. What story does the jewellery piece tell, what is its significance to you?
The markings on the upper surface of the ring are symbolic of the journeys that Chris and I have taken together as well as the bond that we share. The tiny diamonds that circle the underneath surface acknowledge the treasure we share and Chris’ taste, liking diamonds, while being sufficiently subtle for me to wear the ring all the time and to withstand all the work I do with my hands. The precious aspect, also denoted by the feathering underneath is also symbolic of the closeness of our relationship.

4. What about my practice drew you to commission your piece?
I have always been drawn to the handmade feel and asymmetry of your work that has reminded me of ancient jewellery such as Egyptian pieces that I have seen….that timeless quality.