Monday, October 6, 2014

Northcity4 seminar: Jewellery 3 Ways

This Thursday, 9th October, from 6 - 8pm, Northcity4 is hosting our next seminar, Jewellery 3 Ways.
I am very excited about this seminar and have great respect for the three speakers we have chosen:

From our website:

Jewellery is our passion at Northcity4 and we want to look at new and creative ways to explore our passion. Our seminar series is a result of this pursuit.

Jewellery 3 Ways is an annual event in Northcity4’s seminar program. In order to open up dialogue on any given subject it is effective to look at different perspectives. This allows for alternative, even at times, conflicting views on the subject and the end result is a dynamic one. One perspective is interesting, two is a conversation, three perspectives is a dialogue inviting contribution and debate. Jewellery 3 Ways will look at our complex and rich practice from 3 different perspectives in an attempt to create an alternative way of looking at contemporary jewellery.

On the evening, Gallery Funaki will be selling a selection of books that are available within the gallery. Work by the respective speakers will be on show.
To celebrate our seminar we also have a new window installation by contemporary jeweller Marcos Guzman, Future Plants and Flora Project. 
Tickets to the seminar are $20 and are available here.
I hope that you can join us - Northcity4, on the evening.