Thursday, December 4, 2014

Katherine Bowman jewellery collection

I have delivered a new collection of jewellery to e.g.etal and Studio Ingot.

With all this work, there is one of each, not multiples sitting in a drawer, so if one sells I will hand make a new piece.
This is the last week I will be able to take orders in order to be done in time for Christmas.

There are designs which I have been repeating over the years, which have come about through research and exploration. If these designs are repeated they are still unique pieces as they are hand made new each time.
I want to celebrate the hand made and to make jewellery that will last and improve with age as it is worn and carried on the body by the person the piece ends up with.

A lot of these pieces have stones sourced over a number of years, so are unique pieces.
I try as much as possible to source stones that are 'natural', not too treated to enhance colours, and can, as much as is possible, trace where they are from.
I buy stones, mostly sapphires, when I see them and like them, so they collect until I find the right ring for them.
I preference sapphires as they are a hard wearing stone and come in an array of beautiful colours.

All of my work is hand made and designed by me.
I do not have people making my work for me, it all is hand made by me.
I welcome custom orders, so please contact me if you would like something custom made.
Otherwise, the largest collection of my work that is available to purchase is through e.g.etal, an excellent place to visit and support.