Friday, December 12, 2014

Online Store - 'My Protection'

I have just released a new range of rings and earrings onto my online store: 

This range is exclusive to my store. 

The rings which form this group are intentionally heavy, so that their presence is felt when worn. Like amulets and talismans, constant awareness increases experience of the piece. 

Details of each piece are listed on the shop. 
I am more than happy to custom make new work based on these pieces, or make to size. 
New work will be added over the next couple of days. 
Each jewellery item is a 'one off', I do not have multiples of each, I will make a new one as one sells. 

The images here have been put together by Subhadra Mistry who did an internship with me during the year. 
She has used images taken by Marli Scott to sit with the individual jewellery pieces.
The landscape photos were taken in the United Kingdom.

Katherine Bowman Online Shop